OOTD (163): All Black Everything


I’m loving this gift I got from a family friend over Christmas.  It’s a blessed birthstone bracelet from the Philippines.  Gorgeous!


wpid-wp-1420639822550.jpegFinally had time to wear this dress.  I initially purchased this for my Wednesday Addams costume for Halloween last year, and then we ended up not going to the event that night :p Oh well, it’s a very flattering and fitted dress with a criss-cross pattern in the front that I really like.  Definitely helps the little bit of tummy I have!  It’s very appropriate for work and the sleeves make it even better.

My butt looks nice in this dress.  And my arms, lol — Which i’ll post separately in a few minutes :p

Dress:  Simon’s, small

Watch:  Nixon Time Teller, Zumiez

Riding boots:  Denver Hayes, sz 7 (Mark’s)

This extreme cold warning is suddenly letting up and we’re getting warmer temperatures in the coming week.  Thank goodness!  I was getting ready this morning while watching Canada AM and I’m pretty sure I heard right that the weatherman said Labrador would feel like -60 today. .. ?!?!? What?!?  I definitely cannot wait until we go on vacation next month!  Ray and I checked the average temperatures for _________ (reveal will be either tonight or tomorrow!) in the month of February and it was average of 26 degrees Celsius – beauty!  Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!!

Everyone have a terrific Tuesday!

(do you say Choose-day or TOOZ-day? Ray and I argue about this, lol)



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