OOTD (171): Blue Tuesday

wpid-wp-1421765637887.jpegNo, like literally, a blue Tuesday, lol. I guess I subconsciously decided to wear blue today and not yesterday, which was considered the most depressing day of the year, hence naming it ‘Blue Monday’.

I enjoy pops of color – this time, I’m really enjoying the pop of coral from my nails!  I’m currently wearing Urban Coral (limited edition) from Maybelline’s Nail Show collection.  I’m hoping my royal blue top and my coral nails take the attention away from my face where I’m currently and, unfortunately, sporting a red pimple right on my cheek… right at the front of my face.. not even the side.  Why couldn’t it just be off to the side.. like, why.

Peacoat:  H&M, sz 2

Silk top (I have to emphasize the silk because it’s 1 of only 2 actual silk tops I own! yay grown-up me!):  Le Chateau, extra small

Trousers:  H&M, sz 6

Ankle boots:  K&M from The Shoe Company, sz 7

Necklace:  Aldo 

Blazer:  Dynamite, small



I like this angle.  My body looks so much longer and thinner, lol.


So I’m very very happy lately with how my body has been treating me lately!  I’ll be honest – I’ve been slacking from the gym BUT I haven’t been slacking with doing at-home body weight workouts.  I’ve been doing my daily lateral leg raises, about 30 on each leg, each side – about twice a day.  My legs felt like jelly after the first day doing these but now it’s so natural for me to just get up off my bed while watching TV and do these.  I’ve gotten so used to them that I’m increasing my repetitions everyday!

I’ve noticed a great change in doing this workout over the last two weeks.  Ray has mentioned my butt being a bit more perkier than before! Yay!! My goal was never to squat to get a big booty, but to get a perkier more rounder shaped booty.  I think I’m getting there!  I can see it in the mirror, too.  It’s a bonus that I feel much much lighter and bit more thinner around my stomach area as well.

I guess this is what it feels like when there’s a tropical beach vacation coming up, IN LESS THAN A MONTH! 😀



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