Trip to Freeport, Bahamas (Gallery)

Facebook album links:  Main gallery  |  Parasailing!

I just need to emphasize that the eight days we spent in the Bahamas were nothing short of amazing.  The environment, the PEOPLE, the resort, the staff, the VIEWS were beyond spectacular and breathtaking.  The people are so friendly and genuine, and the resort staff were so accommodating and made sure their visitors had the best time on their vacation.  The beaches were beautiful, the white sands squished between my toes and the water felt wonderful.  The beaches there are some of the most gorgeous beaches I’ve ever seen in my 24 years.  

This trip was definitely unforgettable.  Where to next?!

Here are some of my favourite photos!  We took toooo many photos on the GoPro (all of which I’ve yet to see!) so I’ll probably be adding another link above once I finally upload those photos.  All the photos on my main Facebook gallery (including some below) were all taken by my HTC One camera phone – such amazing quality!



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