10 Hair Hacks You Need to Know

Always love a good hair hack!

The Fashion Foot


If you want to know everything from how to store you hair ties to how to correctly use a bobby pin, you’ve come to the right place. These hair hacks are so simple, they’ll have you wondering, “why didn’t I think of doing that?”

1. Get more stick out of your bobby pins: To make your bobby pins stay in place better, first, lay them out on a paper towel. Next, spray them over with hairspray and grab the corners of the towel and gently shake the pins around to evenly distribute the hairspray. Let them dry, and use them as usual. The stick from the hairspray will ensure that your pins are budge free all day.


2. Tame fly-aways: Use a spare toothbrush and spray it with a little bit of hairspray. The bristles are perfect for taming those stubborn fly-aways and baby hairs.


3. Never lose…

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