Sunday Sweater Weather

Sneakers:  Nike Roshe Run Woven, sz 6 youth  |  Jeggings:  Forever 21, sz 27

It was an incredibly windy day in the city yesterday.  I remember being parked in the lot of the school where my volleyball game was being held, and watching three flag poles sway unsteadily.  I imagined them coming down onto my car.

I spent all day Saturday being hungover and cranky.  Our friend’s birthday dinner was at one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the city and, even then, I was still feeling pretty cranky and just not in the mood for anything.  We went out afterward to a pub that I should have been excited to go to since I had never been yet but, nope, I just wanted nothing more than to go home 😦  Yesterday I was feeling soo much better.  I was even up at 6 AM to get ready to go to Ray’s basketball game.  Relaxed and did laundry for the rest of the day up until my game yesterday evening.  Ray and I went to the new Dream Tea House downtown for some bubble tea and snacks, all the while discussing our future plans of getting our own place together 🙂

It is now Monday morning and I’ve had so much problems with my contact lenses being clouded for the past two hours.  Great start.


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