Obsessed: American Classic Gelous Gel Coat

click image for Sally's product page

click image for Sally’s product page

I am obsessed with this gel coat.  It’s neither a base or a top coat – although it makes for a very good top coat anyway – it’s a gel coating which turns any normal nail lacquer into a shellac-like finish.  True?  YES.

I painted my nails on May 7, using Rimmel London’s 60-second color, in ‘Caramel Cupcake‘ – I wanted to trial this gel coat using a nude shade.  This is the perfect nude shade, btw!  It’s definitely the shade I’ve been searching for, for a very long time.  It’s neither light or dark, it’s literally nude – Ray says I almost look like I’ve got no nails because it matches my skin color.  I found a how-to image on Pinterest on using this gel coat, as follows:

1.  Apply gel coat, let dry (I find this gel coat dried to touch within 5 minutes)
2.  Apply first coat of color, let dry (it was a smart decision to use the 60-second color so it sped up the entire process)
3.  Apply second layer of gel coat, let dry.
4.  Apply second coat of color, let dry.  If you need a third coat, you can apply it once the second coat dries.  I didn’t, I just needed to touch up a few spots.
5.  Apply third (and last) layer of gel coat, let dry.
6.  Apply your top coat, let dry.

It seems like a tedious nail job, but the entire thing only took about 30-40 minutes for me.  Like I said, it helped that my nail color was a fast drying one, as well as my Seche Vite top coat.  In my opinion, if you’re going to paint your own nails and want/expect it to last long, you’d take your sweet time on it, rather than doing it half-assed and expecting the best results.  So, if you’re wanting to try this process, make sure to give yourself time.  I like to paint my nails at the end of the day, once I’ve showered, done my hair, put my jammies on, finished dinner, washed dishes, brushed my teeth and there’s nothing left to do but lay in bed and watch TV – that’s my perfect time to do my nails because I know my hands won’t have to endure any more work after.

I went to sleep shortly after my nails were about 99% dried.  I woke up with my right middle finger just a tiny bit smudged at the edge, but when I saw how amazing the other fingers looked, it turned into the least of my worries.  It shined just as if I’d gotten shellac done at the salon!  I was in love!

Here were my nails the day after: 

wpid-wp-1431092138420.jpeg wpid-wp-1431092145377.jpeg

Today, May 11 – 4 days later – my nails look just as they did the first day I painted them!


I had a volleyball game last night and was nervous to see how it’d stand the impact.  NOTHING!  No chips at all!  My teammate even complimented me on my nails and asked if they were shellac.

I can’t wait to try on the other new nail polish shades I purchased!  I’m loving this nude color though, so I may not do my nails for another few weeks 😉

Happy Monday!


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