Everyday (Until Forever) Facial Routine

If there’s a habit that I’m thankful I have had for years, it’s been my morning facial routine.  I do this when I get up in the morning, every single day.   As far as makeup application goes, 5/7 days of the week I use all of the makeup products pictured.  Weekends, I try to lighten the amount of makeup I use; however, my everyday office makeup isn’t heavy at all.  I’d like to say that I’ve perfected my everyday makeup application so I look as natural as I could be but with amazing coverage (*thank you BareMinerals!).

I’ve been blessed with great skin on my face and all over my body that I don’t need to spend obscene amounts of money for a daily moisturizer or other skin products.  I’ve never had problem with acne growing up, but I do have ‘backne’ which isn’t problematic at all to me, and I really have no problems bearing it all come summer time or on vacations.  I’ve never had to use scrubs, treatments, oils or serums on my face.

I did, however, just decided to start exfoliating (yes, started) because the small black/whiteheads on my nose have been bugging me for a while.  I purchased the St. Ives Green Tea Scrub for only $4 at Wal-Mart last night.  After using it twice in the last 12 hours, I can totally feel a difference on my nose.  It also smells great!  That’s probably the only addition I’ve ever made to my facial routine for since I started it.

So, when I finally decide it’s time to get up in the mornings, I:

  1. Wash my face with water.  No soap, just ice cold water.  I feel like there are benefits with washing with cold water (somewhere there’s a study out there probably but I haven’t seen it yet) but I know one for sure:  It wakes you up!
  2. Exfoliate with my St. Ives Green Tea Scrub for about 2-3 minutes. Rinse.
  3. Once my face is dry, I apply my L’Oreal Ideal Moisture daily moisturizer on my face and neck.
  4. I apply a micro-sized amount of the Benefits POREfessional Primer just on my nose.
  5. Last step before makeup application:  Apply my Smith’s Rosebud Salve Lip Balm all over my lips to moisturize!  One of the best lip balms on the markets. 

Also pictured are some of my daily wear makeup.  I’ve been loyal to my BareMinerals powder foundation for about five years and I don’t think I can ever change to liquid or any other brand.  There have been a few liquid foundations I’ve been meaning to try, Urban Decay’s and NARS’, to name a few.  I don’t doubt their coverage and quality, however, I’m just so loyal and in love with how my BareMinerals has treated me over the years I’m afraid to see how other products will react on my face.  Even having a tan from going to the Bahamas, Miami and Vegas last year, I didn’t have to change my color!!!  Like.. Is BareMinerals just that magical or something?! I didn’t think I was able to love it more.

I get compliments on how smooth and flawless my face is (I see the imperfections myself but glad others don’t) and that I’m pretty even without makeup, and I love hearing it.  It makes me happy that I’ve stuck with this regime for as long as I can remember.   I’ve taken pride in this simple facial routine of mine and love even more that I don’t need to invest so much money into it.  I may have to give it up to my genes for giving me such great skin!  My mom has never used a single product on her face, and only wears a daily moisturizer (I believe she uses Olay) and same goes for my dad.

I try to go for two makeup-free days, ideally the weekend, to let my skin breathe.  Almost doesn’t happen as I usually run errands or go out on the weekends, but I don’t apply my makeup until I start getting ready for wherever I’m going, so at least for 85% of the day my skin is free.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve been with this routine and have been using these products on my face for years (I honestly don’t remember how long) and I swear by them for my skin.  My skin is pretty normal I’d say, with just the sides of my nose getting a bit oily throughout the day.  I don’t think I’ll be replacing any of these products with any other, any time soon.



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