2015 Hair Routine (Products & Tools)

I feel like my hair routine has changed every year but, after the last few months of (what seems to be) the same constant routine after I shower/wash my hair, I’m confident to say that I’ve found the routine that works for my time and my hair.

In the shower:
To be honest, I hate taking showers and washing my hair when I know I don’t need to.  Not only was I blessed with good skin, but I was also lucky to NOT have bad body odor, lol, yay me!  However, because I work in healthcare which has caused me to become a germophobe and a hygiene freak, I shower every other day but it may or may not include washing my hair.

I’ve recently been using the CHI Infra Treatment line for my shampoo and conditioner.   Because I’m a flat iron freak, I am immediately drawn to products that advertise protection from heat and damage.  I bought a package from Winners that included a full bottle of the shampoo, conditioner and their Silk Infusion product –  I believe this was just under $25.  I don’t really like the smell of the shampoo and conditioner, but after styling, my hair feels healthier than it did before.chi-infra-kit-278x278

After showering, proceed to styling:
Before applying any heat to my hair, I use TRESemee’s Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray, and I spray this all over my damp hair.  Once dry, I clip half of my hair up and start spraying my CHI Keratin Mist on sections of my hair before I go through it with my GHD flat iron.  Once the bottom half is all done, I take down the top half and spray my Keratin Mist on sections before running my iron on them.  Why the two different protection sprays?  .. honestly, I don’t know.  The heat protection spray I feel protects me from all heat that I’ll be applying to my hair, thus being the first product I apply.  When I flat iron, I use the CHI spray to aide in smoothing as well as protecting it from the heat.  I could probably just use one for both jobs but, hey, it’s been working for me!

tresemme-B00AO4E9DG-1-l mark_anthony_oil_of_morocco_argan_oil_shampoo_treatment

After styling is when I’d use the silk infusion product; however, I haven’t been using much of this because I’ve got another product I’m using.  I did try this once where I put it on my hair after flat ironing.  It smelled wonderful and gave my hair the healthy shine it needed as well as made it super soft.  I’m currently using Marc Anthony’s Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment for my hair once it’s finished styling – like the silk infusion, this leaves my hair smelling wonderful, super soft to the touch and gives me that healthy shine.

When I don’t wash my hair:
With the glorious invention of dry shampoo, I can go almost 5 days without washing my hair.  It may sound gross to some people, but only I know the truth and the truth being that it’s not.  Shampooing and conditioning hair on an almost daily basis strips the hair of its natural oils.  Yes, your scalp feels fresh and clean, but your hair could be more damaged than you think or feel.  I’ve been using LUSH’s ‘No Drought’ dry shampoo for a couple of years now (thanks to a good friend of mine for introducing it to me!) and I love it.  After the third day of washing, I pour some of it in my hands and rub it into my scalp as if I were shampooing my hair.  I do this the night before so oils can be absorbed during my sleep and I wake up with fresh smelling (citrus) hair.  My hair doesn’t feel oily at all the next morning.  I do this again for the next day and have the same results.


My styling tools: 

GHD-Gold-Max-Styler   nume


I received my GHD Flat Iron as a birthday gift from my brother, about 5-6 years ago, and it works as if it were still brand new.   It’s currently priced at $225 on Folica, which is what my brother paid for it as well (he also bought it on Folica).  For something that pricey, I’m not surprised that it still works amazing to this day.  My brother made a very good investment in this one 😉  I had the CHI iron for about 2 years and it went bye-bye.

I bought the NuMe 25mm (~ 1 inch) clipless curling iron at Winners for only $40!  The image above is linked to the actual NuMe website and they’ve got it priced for $169 USD – umm.. Winners carries a LOT of NuMe, at least when I went and bought this one, they had a good selection of NuMe products.  This iron is the perfect size if I want loose curls and beachy-style waves.  It also came with a heat glove – which is now lost in limbo, causing me to burn my hands a few times.  However, I’ve gotten used to styling my hair with this and my hair always turns out great and the curls last me all day!  The clipless concept is definitely something to get used to – I recommend beginners to use the glove at first to get used to the idea of having no clip to hold your curls onto the wand, rather using your own hands.

And, there you have it!  I didn’t realize how lengthy this would be, but it’s definitely what I go through every 3-4 days.  Tedious? Nah, not if you’ve done it almost all of your life.


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