My First Tobi Order!


I feel it’s very similar to Nasty Gal, with a bit of an Urban Outfitters vibe.

First time members get a 50% off code for their first purchase.  It seems that they tend to have sales every month which I think helps!  Their prices are pretty decent, some products/brands more pricier than others but when they’ve got a sale code, it’s good to take advantage especially if buying for the first time, like I did.  I paid about $58 for all three of these products  – however, the pricing confused me a little bit at checkout.  I had a 30% off the SALE prices which was an amazing deal because it was about 60% off the regular prices.

They’re currently having a 50% off site-wide sale right now!


Products purchased, l-r (click link for product page):  Love Ballad Blouse, ($18) medium  |  Belle Fleur top, ($20) in both lavender (medium) and cream (small)


 Selfie time! Wearing the Belle Fleur sweater in cream 

What did I think of the tops?  I am very satisfied with my purchases!  I ordered two of the crochet sweaters, one in medium and one small, because I hadn’t a clue whether the sizes ran small or big.  Since they were on sale, it was an easy decision for me to get them in two sizes and at least they were in different colors!  The cream colored one I bought in small and actually ran loose, but the perfect kind of loose that I like.  I haven’t tried on the medium (lavender) yet, but when I held them up in front of me, the difference in size seemed to be in the width of the sweater.  I’d rather have it that way than have the sweater longer.  As for the blouse, it’s a perfect size and sits nicely on my body.  This one I bought in medium.  I guess it’s good to know that the type of fabric will vary the size.  I can’t wait to wear these sweaters once fall/winter come again.  It’s a good way to keep a bit warm, yet still feel cool because of the crochet material.

Would I buy again? Yes I will.  Now that I’ve a better idea of my sizes, I’ll definitely visit them again.  It’s dangerous that they’re currently having another sale…


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