OOTD (256): Obsessed With the Dress!




This is probably the second piece of clothing I own that’s any kind of green and I’m currently obsessing over it.  Not to mention, overly obsessing and impressed that I snagged this for only $7!!!  That’s basically stealing.

Dress:  H&M, small  |   Necklace:  Chapters  |  Watch:  Nixon  |  Pumps:  Le Chateau, sz 7 (flats in top photo:  Old Navy, sz 7)  |  Purse:  Kate Spade

This weekend is going to be extremely hot.  x_x  Will be at the park tomorrow for a friend’s birthday – I should probably check my sunscreen bottle to see if I need to buy a new one.

Hopefully will be posting photos during this weekend!  Thanks for all the love, blogosphere xx


2 thoughts on “OOTD (256): Obsessed With the Dress!

    • Thanks hun! Check out your local H&M! They had a few other designs as well. Very tempting not to buy them all, especially at such an affordable price.

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