Our First ‘Home’ Together

I wonder why I haven’t actually blogged about Ray and I finally getting our own place together?!  Maybe because we’ve both been so busy shopping for our first new bed, first couch, first coffee table, first kitchen appliances….

I AM SO EXCITED 🙂  We start moving in next weekend!

Although it’s not bought, it’s still going to be our first space together as a couple.  With the lovely company of one of my great friends as our roomie, it’ll be finally nice to just have our privacy and a place to call ours.  It’ll be nice to be in the middle of Edmonton’s beautiful Downtown, especially in its iconic Oliver District.  Our building is the one pictured below, called ‘The Venetian’.  It’s an absolutely beautiful building inside and out, and can be spotted from a ways away with its colorful exterior!  What’s even better is our main floor suite with its own outdoor entrance.  This will definitely make moving boxes and furniture so much easier.

4754954973_034888fde2_bCourtesy of Google Images

Why didn’t we just buy our own condo, you ask?  Simply put, we’re not ready for that big of a commitment.  After a lot of thought (trust me, a lot), he and I decided to rent a condo space first in downtown and see what it’s like.  We find ourselves in the downtown area constantly, so why not save us the driving time and live there for a year, or two?  Our plan right now is this and, hopefully, after a year or so we’ll be putting in a down payment into our very first house (or townhouse).  We’re young and have a lot of things we’d love to do together before finally settling down.  Sure, it makes sense for some people to straight out buy their first home, but our plan makes sense to us, and that’s all that matters.

This next year will be so full of new experiences and great memories that Ray and I can look back on.   I can’t wait!


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