Friday Feels: Reasons Why I (Currently) Smile

#1.  Ray, the love of my life.


#2.  The love I have for my job and the different challenges I face everyday.  Why? Because I know these challenges are only given to me to make me a better person, both in and out of work.

#3.  Travel (and memories) – I’ve been so blessed and lucky to have gone to the Bahamas, Las Vegas and Miami, this past year.  I’ve made so many memories with Ray and some of my closest friends – memories that I’ll treasure forever and look back on constantly.

#4.  My family Sure, this should be number one, but to be honest, after Ray, there is no specific order, just what comes to my head! My family is the top for me and I miss my parents, my brother and my grandma dearly.   However, to know that they’re alive, happy and doing great makes me happy.  I can’t wait until my parents come to visit me this Thanksgiving weekend!  Definitely will be very thankful for that.

#5.  My blog has been one of my first outlets for being creative and expressing my love for all things fashion, food, travel and, well, anything.  I share my opinions but I don’t like to share my thoughts and rant about certain things because it’s simply not what I intended my blog to be.  I don’t have very many friends who share the same enthusiasm as I do when it comes to style and the fashion world, but I know I’ve many friends in the blogosphere who do 😉  Thanks to YOU for keeping me motivated at keeping up with my blog.  I’ve kept many blog pages/web pages before but would stop after a few months of it.  This blog has become routine in my life, and I don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon.

#6.  My brand new home! I know it won’t be mine forever, but I’m glad Ray and I finally decided to take this next big step in our relationship and find our first ‘home’.  The stress has been enormous when we first moved in at the beginning of the month, but all is now smooth sailing from here.  Home decor shopping makes me extremely excited!   It’s only been a month in our new condo and, already, so many fun memories have been made.

#7.  My Past has been something I hate to look back on.  A lot of it has to do with the people I hung around with and the environment I let myself get into as well as a lot of past relationships.  Although, as much as I hate myself for getting into such stupid situations and making dumb decisions, I strongly believe that those stupid situations and dumb decisions would not have made me the person I am today nor taken me to where I am in my life now.

#8.  My television shows – hey, it’s true, they keep me sane, and keep me from going out and spending money, lol.

#9.  Netflix and Popcorn Time – for the same reasons as #8

#10.  Just, Life itself.  Because having the ability to breathe everyday is reason enough to be happy.tumblr_static_c_est


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