Time For a Change, Canada

20trudeau-update-master675-675x400Reuters/True North Times

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If there’s one thing I love about my country, it’s the freedom and privilege we have as Canadians to exercise our votes and become part of, what’s going to be, a very big change.  I’m glad I cast my vote yesterday, and I’ll admit, I voted on Trudeau.  I was a little shocked at how little votes he received in the prairies, according to the voting map as seen in the True North Times article.  Nonetheless, he won over the hearts of many Canadians, and he’s given us a new light of hope for Canada.

I’m not the politics kind of girl – it bores me although that should change because it does affect me and the place I live in; however, I took the time to skim through articles and check out what Trudeau’s promises and platforms are.  Let’s hope Trudeau makes all these votes worth it.

Congratulations, Justin Trudeau, Canada’s new Prime Minister!


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