Thanksgiving Weekend in the Mountains

My parents flew over from Winnipeg to spend Thanksgiving weekend with their favorite child :p My mom wanted to spend a few days in Jasper so we rented an SUV for the weekend and away we went!

The moment we arrived in Jasper, we checked in to Whistler’s Inn – not too shabby, honestly good enough for me since it was only a one-night stay.  I realized we had about an hour and a half left until the Skytram closes, so we quickly walked to the shuttle stop to catch the last bus and purchase our lift tickets.  It cost us $132 .. that’s quite a bit of money to shed out but we understood where we were and why It cost us that much.  Our shuttle driver happened to be an original Winnipeger and we had some good conversations during our 10 min ride to the Skytram.  Once we got there, there was a bit of a wait, but no complaints as my parents and I took that time to take some photos.  It was worth the wait once we rode the tram to the top – it really is the best view of the mountains in Jasper.

Very early the next day, we were off to the Columbia Icefields, Lake Louise and, finally, Calgary via the Icefields Parkway – named as one of the most scenic highways by National Geographic!  I got a bit scared when we found ourselves driving on the side of road closest to a cliff, basically.  It’s such a scenic drive and a highway everyone should see!

I remember the turnoff to the Icefields.. all we were seeing so far where luscious green and brown mountains and then you make this turn and all you see is white!  White mountains covered in ice and snow.  It was trickling rain during our drive but when we did that turn, the rain turned to snow – I’ll always be amused by this!  We made our way to the parking lot by the glacier, got out and took as many photos as we could in the blowing snow and chilly weather.  My parents got back in the vehicle just a few minutes after snapping some photos because it was so cold!  I kept walking as close as I could get to the glacier so I can get a great photo – really, though, from where we were parked was already an amazing view of the glacier and the surrounding mountains.  We drove to Lake Louise after and, as above, another amazing natural beauty of the world.  The clear and crisp blue-green waters made for such a gorgeous photo.  I’m so happy I finally got to see the Icefields as well as Lake Louise – after wanting to see it so badly ever since I moved to Alberta.  I’m glad my parents were able to see it with me.  Absolutely beautiful.

We finished our roadtrip in Calgary where we shopped ’til we dropped at the Crossiron Mills Outlet and had Thanksgiving dinner at our relatives’ place.   I was pooped at the end of the day!

So glad my parents decided to come visit me as It’s been so hard for me to fly over to Winnipeg this past year.  However, I finally booked my Christmas flight back home for such an amazing price (thanks Hotwire!).  Can’t wait to be home for the holidays.


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