Weekend Game Vibes

Ray’s basketball season has started up again which means being the jock-type girlfriend to watch his games every Saturday or Sunday 🙂  I enjoy watching his games because I think I’ve always been that type of girlfriend.


Sneakers:  Nike Roshe Run  |  Leggings:  Stitches (THE MOST COMFORTABLE LEGGINGS I OWN.  I swear by these)  |  Clutch:  Coach 

Yes, these leggings are from Stitches, which is the last store I’d ever walk into.  I am not lying when I say these are the most comfortable leggings I’ve own to date.  They’re fleece lined and perfect for the cold weather.  They also cut right at the ankles making it perfect for me.  They are also high-waisted!  Yes, again, these are from Stitches and I paid $12 for them.  I should have bought two as it was buy one get one for $8 -_-

Sometimes, the most unexpected things you like end up being from the most unexpected places you never thought you’d shop at.


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