Day Two: “My Love For Everything That’s Life”

Today’s challenge is to change my site title and tagline, so here it is:

“My Love For Everything That’s Life”
Seriously, I think I love everything.  Despite my CBF syndrome (Chronic Bitch Face) and behind my possibly looking serious and angry walking down the streets, I have some crazy love for a lot of things and a lot of things have a soft spot in my heart!  I love the first sights of snow, I love the sunrise, I love the smell of mint, the smiles and laughs of babies, I love …the smell of wood and going into Home Depot.  Yeah, seriously, I do lol.  Sure, there’re the off days where I tell myself I hate life – but it’s probably because it’s the time of the month where I seem to hate everything.  Trust me, I don’t.  I love that I’m a woman despite the things we go through!

“Little Old Me Doing Really Big Things”
Drake & Future’s new song, ‘Big Rings’, has been stuck in my head and for some odd reason I sang my new tagline to his beat, lol.  I thought it was the actual lyric for a second :p .  Hence my site url,, it’s a really fitting phrase for me.  I’m a little Asian girl standing at (just under) 5’3″ (according to my government issued driver’s license).  Everything I do, every task or project I start, I like to finish and I like to go hard.  With my first tattoo, which is the biggest I’ve yet, I knew I wanted to go really big, or not go through with it.  I do things whole-heartedly and I believe things should only be done that way otherwise you’re wasting your time.   I’ve quite a ways to go in my future but however I’m going to get there will result in me doing some pretty big things in life.



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