Day Three: New Friends!

The thing I love about being a blogger, especially having started my blog on WordPress, is meeting and interacting with everyone else out there on the blogosphere.  You meet so many people who have the same interests as you and share the same passion for writing as you do.  I would love to meet all my followers and everyone I follow one day!


Would love to travel the world and meet aspiring bloggers like myself!

Today’s challenge is to follow five new bloggers as well as five new tags.  It fit perfectly as the five tags I ended up following led me to follow five new amazing bloggers!

Tags:  Madrid, Spain, winter, November, holiday, Christmas

Beauty- Travel – Latte
State & Occupation
My Culinary Diary
Petite Adventures
Bits and Pieces on Photo

Travel + adventures, photography, food, life and love in all the above blogs is what led me to them.  I think everyone should check them out and give them a follow.


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