Day Four: Get Out There!

My audience, you ask?  I’d like to think people my age or anywhere in their twenties – or the ones who like to think they’re adults but not quite yet – read and enjoy my blog.  From my travels, to outfits, to songs, to food, random thoughts and photos, and everything in between, I always feel like another 25-year-old is smiling because of something I posted.  That makes me happy, and that is enough for me to keep writing.

For YOU who is currently reading this, I’d like you to know one thing:  You need to get out there and explore!  Over the last couple of years, I’ve been blessed to have moved to another city and traveled to other countries.  I’ve shopped in stores I never thought I’d shop in and eaten food I never knew existed.  I’ve worn colors I didn’t ever think about wearing before and I’ve purchased things I never knew I really needed.  Hell, I’ve done things I prefer not to talk about sometimes, lol.

Like, who ever thought I was going to get more than one tattoo after my first one?!

If you’re in your mid-twenties like myself, you should be in that exact mind set to explore all the opportunities given to you and go places you didn’t ever think to go.  Spend these next few years discovering yourself and things you didn’t think you were capable of.  Conquer your fears and constantly set goals for yourself, even something as small as remembering to eat breakfast tomorrow.  Things like these, I’ve learned, have kept me in a more positive mood and I’ve seen becoming a better ‘me’ everyday.

It’s the journey that matters most, not the destination.

I’m tired of sitting around wishing for things to happen (although I’m still guilty of doing so sometimes) so I try and keep myself busy.  I think i’m going to DIY all my home Christmas decor this year, especially because I’ve got my own place now!  There’s an example:  upon getting your own place, you discover so many things you now LOVE to do, i.e., shopping for home decor, cooking, baking, DIY decor. Life gives you so many opportunities to further explore what your life is all about.  Take them, don’t waste your time later wishing you had done so.  I wish to travel more in the next year or so and, other than Philippines for November 2016, Ray and I could possibly be planning our next vacation together in the next few months – who knows!

All I know for sure is I’ve learned so much about myself in the last decade or so because of the choices I’ve made.  Not going to say that they were the right or best choices, but they brought me to this wonderful place I’m in right now.

So, go.  Go out and do more exploring – your life will be much richer with the experiences.




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