Sephora VIB Rouge (mini) Haul

Let’s get one thing straight: I’m NOT a VIB Rouge member at Sephora, my roommate is, so I tagged along with her to the sale to get 20% off my purchase. My current membership level at Sephora is VIB (which I’m still shocked that I even reached) and, to be honest, will be for a very long time because I don’t see myself ever spending $1000 in a year to qualify for Rouge.  I love love love makeup but I’d rather spend that $1000 on a trip (or a nice pair of heels).

I really didn’t have anything I needed to get other than the brow touch-up razor and a new makeup sponge.  Then Tina had to go back to Sephora on Monday to purchase a foundation so, obviously, I went with her to see if there was anything else I needed to buy (let’s be real there wasn’t anything I needed at all).

How gorgeous is this YSL makeup counter!! We probably spent a good 30 minutes trying on different shades of lipsticks.

The outcome? Let’s just say I decided to treat myself because I deserve it, lol.


The final result!


Also came with a sampler book of the four eyeshadow primers – Already have the original one and absolutely love it. This’ll be a great way for me to see how the other three primers look and hold my shadow. I love Urban Decay!

Urban Decay NAKED3 Palette ($64)


Rose gold hues :O

wpid-wp-1447164119492.jpgYves Saint Laurent VOLUPTÉ SHEER CANDY – Glossy Balm Crystal Color, in ‘Luscious Cherry’ ($39)

wpid-wp-1447164122068.jpgDior Vernis Gel Shine and Long Wear Nail Lacquer, in ‘Nuit’ ($31)

I knew I wanted a dark maroon/burgundy colored nail polish for fall.  I saw one from Kat Von D but they were sold out.  One of the best selling colors from Sephora’s Formula X line, ‘Obsessed’ wasn’t as close to what I was looking for, but dark enough that I would’ve bought it as a last resort.  But Dior saved the day with this gorgeous dark burgundy color.  Wasn’t too happy with the price but I knew I just had to have it -_-


How beautiful is this lipstick casing?!

Soooo.. Probably one of my last big purchases for the rest of this year.  Christmas is coming up and will literally sneak up behind me so MUST focus on getting gifts ASAP!


2 thoughts on “Sephora VIB Rouge (mini) Haul

    • I love it!! It was a bit of a decision to make between the other Naked palettes but I love the rose gold hues and couldn’t walk away without it. Currently wearing it at the office today and already received compliments!

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