Currently Loving: Too Faced Cocoa Contour

I’ve been on a hunt for a cheek palette, although I couldn’t decide for quite a while whether I wanted a palette with both blushes and bronzers, just blush or bronzer, or blush/bronzer/highlighter.  Well, the decision was made after realizing I was almost out of bronzer (but still had a good amount of blush left from my Hikari)

After doing much review reading and researching, I decided to purchase this palette from Too Faced.  The price tag was a little too much for me but it helped that I had a coupon for $20 off my $50 purchase so I was able to pick up a few other goodies as well!  Perks of being a Sephora VIB 😉


Too Faced products never fail in the packaging department.  Cute box and cute designs.  There was one remark I found very common in almost every Sephora review:  The palette smells like chocolate.  Yes, it does.  Every color!

wp-1450281284351.jpg wp-1450281276752.jpg

Another great thing about this palette is that it’s absolutely beginner-friendly.  I’ve used bronzer for a long time and I know how and where to place it on my face so I have that ‘chiseled’ look.  For someone who has never contoured their face before and wants to get a palette that’s very user-friendly, I recommend this one.  The how-to diagram doesn’t provide much written explanation but I think the illustrations are great as it shows you where to place which color, and what look you’ll end up having.  My everyday look is the first illustration.  For a night out, I would probably just go as far as the second illustration – I don’t think I need that much chiseling (as the third one shows).

wp-1450281272002.jpg Available at Sephora, $50

The pigment of each color is amazing on my skin.  I was afraid of using the Dark Cocoa for fear of it being super dark on my face, but it’s a perfect matte shade to start off my contour.  I lightly layer on the Medium on top and blend up from my cheekbones.  I haven’t used the Light as much as I have the darker cocoas but will probably use it more for when I go to events.  The Pop of Light has shimmer in it and is such a perfect highlighter to finish your look.  A little goes a very long way with this shade, so one light swipe with my fan brush of this shade is all I need on my cheeks!  This brush is so cute too and applies the colors very well.  I use another brush for blending.

The size of this palette is perfect to stick in your purse to do touch-ups (not like you need it), as well as for traveling.

Well, here’s to another great cosmetic investment! Hoping to create some great looks during the holidays so I can post some here.  Can’t wait to have more play time with this palette.


2 thoughts on “Currently Loving: Too Faced Cocoa Contour

    • I think I will! I’ll be pretty busy during the holidays but will make an effort to do before and after pictures when doing my makeup for events!

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