A Pretty Fragrant Friday

Fragrant because I can smell my mom’s cooking already!  Also fragrant for a few other reasons:

Went to the mall yesterday with Ray to pick up a new knife set (yay!) and decided to get new candles for our place.  We both loved the ‘Merry Cookie‘ candle from Bath and Body Works’ White Barn collection.  It literally smells like cookies! I lit it up last night and the living room smelled absolutely delicious, lol.

The Sweet Pea fragrance is one of my favorites from BBW.  We originally had two candles to purchase (candles were 2 for $26.50 in store) but the cashier told me that I was $5 away from getting $10 off my purchase.  It worked out that their Sweet Pea Body Butter was on sale for $5 so I picked one up and my purchase only came to about $22! I love Christmas sales.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and happy Friday today!  I’m all checked in for my flight back home tomorrow morning – can’t wait!


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