My Holiday “Homecation”


Don’t get me wrong, these nine pictures don’t do justice as to how good it was to be back home to my family and friends.  It’s the best summary I could do, in photos, to show how happy I was to see everyone again and spend as much time as I could with as many people as possible.

I got to see my God daughter and my girlfriends’ daughters – goodness, they’re much older now and I can’t believe how fast that flew by.  I got to see my cousin’s son turn a year old!  He’s the cutest little thing ever and I’m glad he loves his new ball pit 🙂

I love how my friends and I seem to just take off where we left off, no matter how seldom/often we stay in contact when we’re apart.

Winnipeg will always be home and will always have my heart.  Glad to have come home when I did because I missed my man and wished he came to Winnipeg with me to see everyone.  However, can’t wait to ring in 2016 with him tomorrow! ❤

Hoping your holidays were as prosperous as mine! xx


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