Ice Castles in Edmonton!

What a great way it was to spend the first night of 2016 – visiting the Ice Castles at Hawrelak Park!

What:  Ice Castles  (“Ice Castles, LLC is a Utah based entertainment company that specializes in large scale events hand crafted from ice.” ) |  Where:  William Hawrelak Park

**Buying your ticket online is the only way to go.  They sell out fast in case you’re wondering to buy your ticket on site!**

Ice Castles made its Canadian debut in Edmonton this year with its amazing and breathtaking ice sculpture, hand crafted and made completely of ice and snow.  With the LED lights and the Disney-like soundtrack playing in the background, who wouldn’t feel like you’re in a Frozen-esque Disney film? I loved it!  There were two slides for the kids, a little firepit going, and small trails.  Really cool, and well worth the price of the Groupon.  The regular admission price for adults is $15.95 – we bought the Groupon that was $18 for admission for two.


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