Everyday (’til Forever) Facial Routine

Okay, WordPress.  I just did this post and it was soooooooo long, and you made it disappear.  *curse words* Because I lost my long post, I’m really not in the mood to go into details, again.  Blame WordPress!!

Quick Summary:

  • I have had the same face routine every single day for .. as long as I can remember.  Really, I can’t remember when I started.
  • My skin type is normal with occasional oily spots around my nose.  Problematic? Nope.  Acne problem? Never.  The occasional pimple pops up maybe once a month.  It’s actually a bit annoying because they pop up at the worst of times.  Must be because I never get them so the pimple Gods decide to throw one on there when I least expected it.
  • My daily moisturizer:  L’Oreal Paris Ideal Moisturizer with SPF (about $11 from the drugstore or Wal-Mart).  I swear by this.  Never has left my skin dry, feels great and perfect all year round.
  • My daily lip balm:  Smith’s Rosebud Salve ($7.50 at Sephora).  The final step to my skincare routine, just before I begin my makeup application is this lip balm.  Probably the best and most moisturizing balm out in the markets.
  • Newly added to my routine as of last night:  St. Ives Green Tea Scrub ($4 at Wal-Mart).  Lately, my black/white heads on my nose have been a bit of a bother to me so I decided to incorporate an exfoliating product for the first time (yes, first time ever).  I’ve used it twice now, since last night, and I have started to feel and see a difference on my nose! (I have a travel-sized product of the Benefit POREfessional Primer that I’ve been using as well, however, not really sure if I’ll need it now that I’ve got this blackhead scrub).

What I love most about my skincare routine?  It’s inexpensive and it works.  Two of the reasons why I’ve stuck with it for so long.  I’ve been blessed with great skin so I don’t need any oils, serums or other scrubs and special anti-anything products to make my skin look and feel better.

wp-1452780795884.jpg wp-1452780788095.jpg

When it comes to everyday makeup, I’ve been using BareMinerals as my foundation for about 5-6 years now and I am extremely loving it.  I’m so loyal to this foundation that I will not try any other because this foundation has treated me amazingly since I began using it.  The coverage is great and it never feels like I have anything on.  My makeup routine is a lot more costly than my skincare routine, but I feel like I’ve found the products that work best for me which gives me confidence and knowledge in what to invest in.

My daily makeup application consists of:

  • BareMinerals Foundation ($36, Sephora)
  • Maybelline FitMe concealer – dup of the NARS concealer apparently which I haven’t tried.  Will I try it? Probably not because this concealer, at an $8 price tag at Wal-Mart, does an excellent job.
  • Brows are definitely part of my makeup routine.  I swear by the Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz ($27, Sephora) & Tarte Amazonian Clay Brow Powder ($30, Sephora) – this, to me, is the perfect brow tag team.  Perfect lines every time with the Brow Wiz and perfect natural looking coverage with the powder.  Price tags are a bit steep but the powder has lasted me about a year now, and it looks like I haven’t even put a dent in it to this day.
  • I like to wear a bit of shadow to the office, so I play around with my Urban Decay NAKED2 and NAKED3 palettes to find the perfect blend of colors.
  • Not pictured is my mascara and, right now, I’m loving Tarte’s Lights, Camera Lashes Double-Ended Mascara & Primer.  I’ve just started including mascara in my daily routines as of the past year or so.  I feel it really opens up my eyes and has actually made my lashes look a lot longer than what I remember them to be (without mascara).
  • wp-1452780798720.jpgwp-1452780791272.jpg
  • Too Faced’s Cocoa Contour and the Sephora Colors blush are two of my recent purchases, as I’ve run out of both bronzer and blush.  I’ve used the blushes from the Sephora Collection before and found them to be pigmented just enough to my liking.  As far as the cocoa contour goes? Absolutely loving the definition it gives my face! The colors are perfect and pigmentation is in point!

There you have it!  There are obviously a few more products I use when I go out to events but 99% of my life revolves around the above products.  It’s kind of crazy to see how much I spend on makeup.. but I’ve learned to discipline myself and not go crazy when I go into Sephora (or just not go into Sephora at all).

Obviously, the best beauty is your natural beauty and I’m glad people tell me that I don’t need to wear makeup.  I get compliments on how flawless and smooth my face is but I owe it to my skincare routine and, well, makeup.  I’ve learned to love myself the way I am so I think of makeup as .. playtime! lol.







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