Mani Monday: The Perfect Red x Pink ‘In-Between’

Time for a Mani Monday!  I left my nails naked for a couple of weeks after the glitter manis I had for Christmas and NY.  I couldn’t take the naked nails for another few weeks.  I needed some color!

As I went through my bag of nail polish (which should really be standing up on shelves, instead stuffed in a cosmetic pouch…) I picked this one up thinking it’d be more red than pink, which is what I wanted to paint my nails.  After they had dried with my all-time fave Seche Vite top coat, I noticed that this was the perfect mix of red and pink.  Wasn’t super red nor super pink.. just… exactly the shade I wanted!

wp-1453381990531.jpg wp-1453381996298.jpg wp-1453382011496.jpg wp-1453382015366.jpg


Loving this shade on my nails!  Looking down at them right now, I need to just touch up the tips but not much more.  I love my Seche Vite top coat!  The price tag makes it more worth buying (it’s only about $6!!)

I guess I should’ve waited until February to do this color – Because of Valentine’s Day.  At this rate, I’m sure this color will be on my nails until then anyway.


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