OOTD (336): What Happens After a Minor Chop

..And when I say ‘minor’, I mean like only about an inch or two trimmed off.

So what happens exactly?  Selfies.  Selfies galore, lol.  It obviously wasn’t a big change, but it was refreshing to have my dried dead ends trimmed off, a bit of my thickness taken off and more layers added to create a better shape and a bit more volume up top.  Such minor changes – who knew it’d make me feel so good?

I’ve gone to Ivory Noir Salon a couple years ago and I went back to them for this minor chop.  I’m glad I came back!  They have a nicer downtown location, with a bigger space!  The stylists are so friendly, especially mine, Kelsey.

What’s next?  I want some highlights and a few babylights!  I’ve never had these done before.  I really don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get this done, and the price ranges off of Ivory Noir’s website are the most decent I’ve seen so far.  Can’t wait to book my consultation and hopefully get something done in the next few weeks!

Sweater:  Forever 21  |  Skirt:  Petite Monde (Manila)  |  Tights:  Dynamite  |  Ankle boots:  Steve Madden c/o Hudson’s Bay  |  Watch:  Wristology Watches  |  Purse:  Kate Spade New York  


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