What:  LOVEPIZZA  |  Where:  10196 109 Street, Edmonton, AB

WHO DOESN’T LOVE PIZZA!!  We decided to walk over to this new pizza joint (I love that it’s less than a 10-minute walk.  Perks of living Downtown!) two nights ago.   The inside is absolutely adorable, minimal design yet very appealing and very downtownish.


Who knew pizza boxes could look so cute?

wp-1454594416935.jpg wp-1454594421080.jpg

The 'Rules' - should've taken a closer photo!

The ‘Rules’ – should’ve taken a closer photo!

First off, I like that their pizza menu is small, about nine gourmet pizzas, a dessert-type pizza, various ice cream and a create-your-own pizza menu.  They can serve liquor and wines along with your normal beverages.  I am beginning to see myself being attracted to restaurants with smaller menus because making a decision on what to order makes things a ton easier with minimal options to choose from.  They’ve vegan and vegetarian options available as well!  You also have the choice between white and whole wheat dough.

Secondly, and I think what I like best about the place, is the number of free toppings you can have on your pizza!  Most of the pizzas are $11.95 and you can top it with prosciutto FOR FREE – there’s also arugula, basil, various oils, sauces, veggies and cheeses.  ALL FOR FREE!! Who doesn’t love free additional toppings!?

I can’t really think of any cons to this place.  The pizzas are delicious and I can’t wait to go back and try the others.  If there’s a suggestion I could make is for the kitchen to maybe invest in another oven.  They’re currently working with one oven, which only allows one pizza at a time to be inserted.  It takes about 5ish minutes for the pizza to pass through.  We went Wednesday evening, around 6 PM, and we were lucky to arrive with no line up; however, it did start to get busy about 15 minutes after.  The one oven causes a bit of a line up and congestion around the cashier area.  It’s honestly not a big deal to me, but it could be for other people.


Top: My order was the ‘Holy Shiitake’; Bottom: Ray ordered the dessert pizza, ‘Peaches & Cream’ – BOTH delicious! (Not pictured – Ray ordered ‘The Q’)


Check them out! Link is at the top of this post 🙂



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