New Hair, Same Ol’ Me!

Location:  Ivory Noir Salon (downtown Edmonton)

I’ve had my hair professionally colored (one solid color) at a salon before – years ago, probably back when I was in junior high.  Ever since then, I’ve used box color.  Yes, I know, you’re probably asking yourself why I did that to my hair.  After a terrible couple of months of a terrible DIY box color ombre, I, again, used a black box color (a few times) to get my hair back to black.. Or at least as dark as it could get.   To be fair, Garnier’s Olia hair color line is, by far, the best box color (imo) out there.  It left my hair silky smooth, even after many washes, and the black color very vibrant.  Not to mention the very pleasant smell – nothing chemical smelling with Olia.  The last time I used box color on my hair to dye it black was around two years ago.

So 2016 rolls around and I decide I want to get some highlights done.  All those Guy Tang and Anh Tran videos of touseled waves, ‘balayage’ hair, babylights, lob haircuts and all the God-like work these two hairstylists do convinced me to start researching on what style of highlights I wanted.  I’m always the ‘go big or go home’ girl, so I went ahead and booked for a full head of highlights at Ivory Noir with Kelsey, who trimmed my hair not too long ago, and has done great color work on her clients as per her Instagram account!  I wanted something subtle – browns, beiges, caramels.  Kelsey mentioned at my last haircut appointment that the lightest she could probably get my hair, in one session, would be caramel.  That sounds light enough – but how light would it get?

The day of the appointment arrives and I quickly changed my mind – I wanted to do a partial set of foils first to see how light my hair actually gets.  Kelsey was a great listener and listened to how I wanted to start off with a partial set because, 1) I’ve never had highlights, 2) I don’t know how quick my hair lifts, and how light it’ll get, and 3) I knew I wouldn’t regret the money if I didn’t like it very much (lol).  She listened and agreed that it would be best for me to start small this time as I would always be able to come back and get more done later on.



The entire process took just over two hours: Foils, rinse, toner, rinse, style.  Not too bad.  I always overestimate the length of time I spend at a salon because I always think my hair is super thick – it really isn’t.  The result?  I LOVE it.

The other best part of it all?  I walked into this thinking to shell out $200 at minimum.  I’ve heard from my friends that they’ve spent a great amount of money to get highlights done, so that’s what I expected.  Fortunately, I was very off!  The appointment, plus an amazing color conditioner that Kelsey recommended by Evo Hair (caramel)**, PLUS my tip, I walked away having paid only $188 for everything.  That’s.. amazing, and made the entire experience all the more worth it.

**Did you know that all professional salon brand shampoos and conditioners are color safe?  I asked Kelsey whether I had to go and change my shampoo/conditioner routine altogether now that I’ve got color in my hair.  After I told her I’d been using Paul Mitchell’s Instant Moisture (I also have a set of Goldwell that I can’t wait to use), she said I’m fine, and recommended the color conditioner by Evo – this conditioner is amazing and gives instant results after only 3 minutes!  I’ve used it once now and it honestly looked like my caramels became a tad more vibrant!**


Over the last few days, I’ve come to learn how crazy different lighting makes my highlights!

wp-1455034708751.jpg First experience with highlights? Super super super fun.  I highly recommend Ivory Noir to all my Edmonton loves!


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