New Obsession: Nine West Crossbody Bag

This past Family Day long weekend has been super great!  One of my best girlfriends came to visit from Winnipeg – it was so nice to have her around and get a glimpse of how my life goes in YEG.  Of course, her visit came with a surprise as I wasn’t the only one she came to see 😉


Aren’t we cute! 🙂

We went shopping at WEM on Saturday.  This woman definitely took advantage of the one tax here, lol.  We went into Nine West and I fell in love with a crossbody bag on the shelf.  I had been searching for a crossbody bag that was structured and square in shape – the strap didn’t matter to me, leather preferable.  This bag was everything I had been looking for.

The price? On sale for $24.99.  Yeah, I know right.  So, what did I do?  I contemplated in the store about whether I should get it or not, for quite a bit.  Well… when one of your best friends tells you to buy it because it’s pretty stupid if you don’t, especially when it’s the One you’ve been looking for and that she’ll buy it if you don’t.. Then you buy it.  The regular price was $85 – even that’s a great price!

wp-1455631225408.jpgThis bag is really everything I’ve been wanting in a crossbody.  The strap has the chain detail near the bottom – I really like that it wasn’t the whole strap as I do have a problem with chain strap purses snagging onto my clothing and hair!   The interior is leopard print, which is funny, because my Coach wallet is leopard printed too so everything goes so well together, lol.  Another bonus is the pocket at the bag of the purse!


JacketAritzia WatchWristology Watches


Love the lock detail on the front

Can’t wait to get more play out of this purse.  It carries my Coach wallet perfectly but takes up half of the bottom of the bag.  For that reason, I purchased a cardholder from Aldo to use when I decide to use this bag, as well as other clutches and crossbodies.  I think 2016 will be a year of crossbody bags for me!


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