Plans For the Weekend? Fuller House!

That’s right!  I’m going to binge watch Fuller House this weekend.

c/o Google Images

So far, I’ve heard reviews left and right, and pretty mixed.  When there’s something I want to see, whether it be a film, a play or an event, I try not to let myself read or hear reviews from other people.  Although, even if I did, it doesn’t really affect my decision.  If it’s something I’ve been wanting to see or do for a while now, I’m going to do it no matter what.

I grew up with Full House – Along with Friends, Full House is another childhood fave that I can binge watch all over again and still laugh hysterically about.  I grew up loving the Olsen twins so I am a little bummed about their decision not to do Fuller House.  I am so excited regardless to see everyone else come back!

c/o Google Images

And guess what? They just announced that Fuller House is back for a second season on Netflix!!Now if only the weekend could come a bit quicker.

xx cherrie

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