The Perfect Work Tote

Like I didn’t have a work tote already. ..

Well, I didnt’!  I didn’t have the ‘perfect’ tote that would carry everything I need + my lunch! I was getting tired of carrying a purse AND a Lululemon bag for my lunch.  Okay, call me high maintenance, but I like to have both of my hands free when I’m walking around.

I knew I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for a tote that I would be using everyday and, well, knowing me, would probably throw on the ground if I had to (in a rush, nowhere to put, etc).  So where to go? Winners!

The heart-shaped mirror (other side) keychain tag (by Coach) I added for more personality!

A Vegan leather purse that carries everything I need for the office.  Another bonus?  Only $39.99 – perfectly in the price range I was hoping to spend!

xx cherrie


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