Trending: The Lace-Up Flat

I started seeing these flats pop-up on social media about late fall of 2015.  My first thought of them was that they were super cute.  I wasn’t too sure how they’d look on me, but all the social media photos and bloggers who had photos up of them wearing it, made it very convincing for me to get my own pair.

As a curator for AliExpress, I decided to buy the flats from them.  I purchased a tote from AliExpress a few months ago and was very pleasantly surprised at the quality, especially because I spent only $12 on it.  I knew the shipping would take a very long time (these came about a month after I put in the order); however, I was in no rush to get them on anyway – it’s still winter!  The seller I purchased this from had black, nude/blush and gray available for the flats – I bought the nude/blush color as I don’t have any footwear in that color.   I purchased these for about $26 – that is a steal.   I’ve seen the Steve Madden lace-up flats priced at $120 US (here)  and the Chinese Laundry ones priced at $60 US (here).  Both of which I really couldn’t get myself to spend.. especially when I had no clue how it’d look on my feet.

About one month later..

 So cute!!

LOVE IT.  The flats didn’t come in a box, rather a manila envelope with the footwear wrapped in bubble wrap.  The smell was quite strong once I opened the packaging.  It wasn’t a leather smell (which I really don’t like) but it very similar to it.  However, after feeling the product and trying it on, I was sold.  The fit was perfect.  I remember reading the reviews and the main issue was sizing.  All the reviews swore that you had to buy one size up.  I normally wear a 7, so I went for an 8 and I’m so happy I did.  I’ve already worn them to the office once and I did find something I didn’t like.  The insides of the shoe is that slippery material, and makes my feet sweat and feel weird when I’m on my feet a lot.  To fix this, I simply took out insoles from an old pair of flats and placed them in these ones.  It didn’t fit any tighter but it felt more snug and my feet remained dry for the most part after that.  Two purchases from Ali and I’m pretty amazed at the quality.

The gold trim on the heel is such a great accent to the shoe.  The color is exactly what I wanted.  The picture on the website was closer to an actual pink shade than nude.   I  can’t wait ’til the weather gets warmer and these babies can come out to play!

xx cherrie

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