It’s Seriously Mid March (Life Update)

I would add the word ‘Only’ in the title just because there’s a vacation that I’m looking forward to taking in August and I need it to come right now.

On the other hand though, it’s already the middle of March.  So far, Mother Nature has blessed us with an early preview into spring with no signs of white anywhere (and hopefully forever until the next winter season).  Downside to all of this is battling environmental allergies that God has given me.  I am currently red-nosed from blowing the life out of my nose since Monday which resulted in the treatment of Vaseline on my nose which now makes it a bit shinier than I’d like.

Lots has been going on especially with work.  With all of these organizational changes, there’s been a slight shift in work vibes and I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to adjust to it.  Not saying whether it’s a positive or negative thing but it’s something to get used to which won’t happen overnight.  It’s been keeping me busy and I’m enjoying the new challenges that come every day.

On the other spectrum, home and social life have been great.  It helps to have great girlfriends you can turn, in and out of the city.  It feels good to have a crew that’s always down for anything and can make you laugh ’til it hurts.   I’m glad to say no drama exists in my life!  Does that make me boring? lol.  I mean there’s always relationship drama, DUH – like him playing video games over cleaning the kitchen (argh).  But no other senseless drama in my life.  At least Ray drama is something I can handle and I choose to keep :p

Sorry for delaying my big travel announcement – promise to have it up by the end of this week!

xx cherrie

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