A New, Big Girl, Me!

For those who haven’t heard the news, my car was stolen about a month ago + our condo broken into.  I felt violated, scared, frustrated and annoyed that this had to happen to me.  Of all people, I didn’t think I deserved this to happen.

Luckily, the thief knew what they were looking for because the condo was intact, nothing broken, nothing taken other than Ray’s wallet and our car keys and, of course, my car.  The few days after, I killed myself over the fact that, had I woken up a few minutes earlier, I probably would have prevented this from happening.  However, I thought about it and realized this thief could have had a weapon on themselves, and the situation could have turned a totally different chapter.  I’m happy no one was hurt.

I hope this thief had fun with my car alarm that has a life of its own and goes off when it wants to.  I also hope this thief gets the worst taste of karma possible.  Ever.  I would hope that this person dies, but it’d be fun if Karma just made this person suffer for the rest of their life.

Anyway – a month later and I realized this was another one of those curveballs that life throws at you unexpectedly and expects you to rise bigger and better from it.  Well, I’m not sure about bigger but I’m definitely feeling better and much more positive about life.  Partly because..

Guess  who’s the owner of a brand new 2015 Volkswagen Golf?

I’m feeling even more successful because I was able to purchase this car all on my own (with the help of sales associates and managers that Ray knew!) and get all the credit approval all done myself.  Such a good feeling! And I thought I already knew what adulting felt like!

Ray and I will also be moving this summer so currently hunting for a new cute place to call home and, hopefully, for a bit longer than this one.  Because of everything that’s happened (not just with my car – but building maintenance has been ongoing), I don’t feel like calling this current condo ‘home’ anymore.  On to the next, and I’m very excited!

So, there you have it.  I’m feeling great, positive, and pretty brand new today.  Let’s hope this keeps going 🙂

xx cherrie

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