I Think I’ll Call Her ‘Vicky’

“Vicky the Volkswagen”. Vicky because it’s my grandma’s name and I miss her.  Vicky because it just has a nice ring to it, lol.

Let’s meet Vicky!


I am unbelievably proud to be the owner of a brand new 2015 VW Golf TSI.  I feel so luxurious driving in it and plainly just sitting in it!  It has everything I want and more.  It’s such a compact car with more room than I expected.  Cute and sporty – I love it!  The whole experience itself was also very pleasant and I was happy I was able to go through friends with the purchase.  Not only did they give me the best possible deal for my money, but I also had an awesome car buying experience since I knew the employees/managers I was working with.  They were professional despite us being friends.  They were very knowledgeable and granted my wishes about what I wanted and didn’t want.  Thanks Norden VW!

Everyday since I bought it, Ray and I have found ourselves arguing over who gets to drive it.  I always win.

xx cherrie

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