The New New: MK Jetsetter & Saffiano Wallet

Loving my two brand new Michael Kors basics!  I finally found the perfect black crossbody bag for everyday use.  It was very unfortunate that this wallet was sold out in every color – apparently the wallet came out during the May long weekend and sold so fast!   I dislike white items solely for the fact that I get them dirty so fast.  But this wallet had everything I needed, the look I was going for and style I desired.  It was an added bonus that it was actually on sale when I went to purchase it!  I didn’t realize their leather cleaner was inexpensive, so I decided to grab one as well.

I’ve used this bag almost every weekend and I cannot get enough of it.  the space is nice and big so it fits my wallet.  When I bring this to the Philippines, I won’t have my wallet with me but I know I’ll be able to fit a normal sized water bottle in it and then some! I wanted space, versatility, durability and, of course, style.  This purse has all of that and more.

Love love love love love these two new additions to my wardrobe 🙂


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