OOTD (355): Comfort at it’s Finest!

I decided to purchase the Sanuk Yoga Sling sandals.  I tried them on for the first time last year when I was searching for comfortable flip-flops/sandals for my Bahamas trip, but decided to go the inexpensive route and purchased a pair of Reef flip-flops instead.  Those flip-flops are the most comfortable ones I own, so I still wear them to this day.

I know I’m going to be doing a lot of walking around when we go to the Philippines so I decided flip-flops weren’t going to cut it.  I needed something that strapped my foot in and had a comfortable and cushioned foot bed – something that’ll take me from morning to evening, and still look cute in a sundress.  Fifty-seven dollars later, these Sanuks were on my feet!

TopDynamite  TrousersGap  FlipflopsSanuk (purchased at Sportchek)

No breaking in needed here – wore them the next day to the office and my feet felt like they were walking on air.  However, there’s still a bit of soreness (very tolerable though) at the end of the day.  My feet, as funny as this will sound, feel so much better when they’re elevated, aka wearing heels or wedges.  When my feet have been walking on flat foot beds all day, there tends to be a bit of soreness when I take them off.  Whereas in heels, my feet feel absolutely fine at the end of the day.   It’s weird, but I know that there’s obviously science behind why my feet feel better wearing heels and flat footwear!

I think I’ve finally got all I need for my vacay!


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