For My Love of Pasta

Tinkerbell of Laka Imagine living in a world where a pasta-heavy diet was not openly frowned upon by 20-year-olds sharing homemade acai bowl recipes with their 15,000 Instagram followers and celebrity personal trainers alike, but rather encouraged, as if eating penne alla vodka four times a week was a smart thing to do for your…

via Pasta Is Essential to Your Diet and Definitely Won’t Make You Gain Weight, Researchers Say — StyleCaster

I told someone at work this past weekend that I’ll never not eat pasta or cut it out of my diet.  Pasta, to me, is like rice – okay, well they’re from the same food family – but in terms of food love.  Pasta, whether it be made Filipino style, Italian style or any other style, will always be one of my favorite types of food to eat!

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