OOTD (357): Easiest Summer Piece – The Maxi

Top: Hollister  | Skirt: Dynamite  Watch:  Wristology Watches  Sandals:  Sanuk c/o Sportchek

wp-1466782017934.jpgLove this natural lighting from our living room!  Will definitely miss our big window when we move to our new suite.
I was having a great hair and makeup day, as you can see 😉

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an OOTD.  Let’s just say my days have been pretty busy lately – finishing up and starting new projects at work, planning and ensuring all events at work are organized, ensuring my passport is rushed to the city due to the whole Canada Post strike/lockout, making sure all finances are up to date and payments are updated before we leave for our trip, getting ready to move to our new basement suite and buying/selling furniture – just a whirlwind of events all around.  Although no negativity as I’m really excited to move to our new basement suite at our friend’s place – NOT the typical basement suite and it’s just beautiful the way they constructed it.   I’m actually even more excited now that my parents, brother and his girlfriend will be in town that weekend as well.

What’s next after moving? Our three week vacation to the Philippines!

Exciting couple of weeks ahead, can’t wait!!!


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