Holidays Mean Gold, White and Glitter

……….at least to me, it does 🙂  Started doing some DIY décor around the house and I am in love with these!  I saved a couple of large pasta sauce jars and painted with white acrylic paint from the dollar store.  I went to Michael’s and picked up some of the faux plants for a great price (buy one get one free).  I love the gold branches in the background!

I’m still thinking to do a bit more décor around the house – definitely going to put together another jar for this ledge.  I love the look of the glitter and gold against the white walls and white jar.

😍 ❄ 🎄 #AlmostChristmas #Michaels #homedecor #glitter #leaves #gold #silver #diy #branches #pinecones #white

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