✓ Swimming With the Whale Sharks

Oslob, Cebu  | 

Extremely exciting. Then a little terrifying. Then, eventually, extremely exhilarating! One of the things Ray and I needed to do during our trip was to go swimming with the whale sharks.  The whole family had talked about it before we left and I just kept getting more excited!

So you won’t see me in the video until about 2:38.  Why? Because it took me quite a while to get out of the dingy boat; because I was contemplating my life choices at that point, questioning why the hell am I going into the ocean – where it was nothing but deep black abyss under me – with these gigantic mammals swimming as close as just a few feet from us. Why! …. then after much nagging from Ray, I finally just said ‘what the hell’ and jumped in.  I had my life jacket on but, within a few seconds of being under water, realized it was pointless to have it on.  I was already floating in the water without doing much with my arms and legs – not surprised because it was extremely salty (and so fishy, yuck).  Everytime I dove under, it was so hard for me to stay underwater for longer than 10 seconds because the water just kept pushing me back to the surface.   Most of the video is Ray and his cousins but you can see how short they stay underwater because of continuously being pushed back up.

BUT DO YOU SEE THE SIZE OF THESE THINGS!?!? I’m so happy to check it off my bucketlist!

This is a MUST when you’re in Cebu!



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