An LWC Update!

I still can’t believe that it’s finally January 2017 – or 2017, period.   It’s as if every time a year begins, the next year follows in the blink of an eye.

The holidays were fun- and family-filled.  It was unfortunate that I wasn’t able to go home to Winnipeg to be with my parents.  I had already used up all my vacation time during the summer to the Philippines and I wasn’t able to dip into my vacation bank for the next fiscal year 😥  Therefore, it was my first Christmas here in Edmonton with Ray’s family.  Although it was a little strange not waking up to my mom’s loud talking voice and the sight of my dad at the computer all day, it felt nice to still be surrounded by a lot of love, laughter and family.  Having spent Christmas and New Year’s with the fam, I’m sure I can speak for all of us when I say we’re good for family time for probably the entire month, lol.

As of January 1, I am officially a working student again!  I began my Bachelor of Health Administration program through Athabasca University.  This is my first time doing distance education where everything is via correspondence and self-paced.  At first, it sounded scary to me and didn’t sound like something I would have been able to do.  A week into it and I’m already about a month and half ahead of the suggested study schedule for the three courses I’m currently doing.  Yay me!  Now that I’m back to the working student life, I know I won’t have time to do many extra-curricular activities this year, but that’s okay.   Actually, if I keep this up – staying ahead of the game – I can make time for some fun.  I’ve always been really strong at time management and I’m very organized, so I’m sure I’ll be able to squeeze in some ‘me’ time or hang out with friends.


I do have some travel plans this year, and I know being a student may hinder some of it – although I really don’t plan for school to completely ruin all my plans.  I have no big plans to travel abroad this year because 2018 is already calling out Philippines (again) for a few major weddings we need to attend to, so I’m only doing smaller trips this year, 4-10 days max.  I’m hoping to travel somewhere with Ray first and foremost.  We aren’t thinking anywhere overseas, probably just to BC or Toronto.  I have one of my girl’s bachelorette’s, possibly in May, in Vegas;  her wedding to follow in Winnipeg, in July.  Ray’s cousins wedding in Canmore in June;  quite possibly another trip to Vegas with my cousin from Winnipeg and Denmark.  They’re all pretty minor trips but I know it’ll add up eventually.  I must keep myself from going insane with school, so travel I must!

So there’s your quick little update on Life With Me.  Nothing significant!  I am still time-managing my courses right now – study time, assignments  and quizzes – so I haven’t actually set aside certain times a week to do my blog.  I’ll get there eventually!

I’m happy it’s Thursday because it only means one day closer to the weekend – happy advanced TGIF!


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