Thoughts Can Kill






These are just some of the things I tell myself when I’m going through a rough time.  As much as I want to reach out to someone and just let it all out and vent and bitch and go on and on about how uncertain I feel about certain things and certain people, I don’t.  As dangerous as it is to keep things bottled up, sometimes I feel like I have no choice because no one will understand what goes on in my head.  It’s exactly what it says in the image:  it gets too stressful to even think about having to explain and rectify why I’m thinking the things I am when I have absolutely no reason to.  It’s already getting stressful trying to explain things right now x_x

To those who have known me growing up knows I wasn’t ever like this.  I didn’t let my thoughts get to me and just sat back and kicked it.  I didn’t care about what I didn’t know.  I didn’t think the worst of things I didn’t know.  How the hell can I get back to those days?  Ugh.

..and that’s just a little preview of how life with me is like (not all the time, don’t worry).


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