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Ultimately just an Edmonton-based lifestyle & fashion blogger who loves life and wants the world to know it. 

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I guess you can say it’s normal to be short in my mid-twenties because I’m Asian. I’m not about being stereotypical, I just think it’s in our genes but totally nothing to be ashamed of!  I embrace being 5’3″ (I may be under by an inch, but who’s measuring?).  Despite having a hard time finding my shoe size at The Bay or Aldo (it seems every woman my size wears a 7-7.5), I love that I can buy Retro Jordan’s or Nike Air Maxes or Roshe Runs (any kind of sneakers/shoe for that matter) at Footlocker and/or Champs Sports in the kids’ section at a lower price than the adults!  I absolutely adore H&M and the fact that I can fit into their youth girls sizes 12-14y, easily, is an absolute bonus; however, I do wish we had their designer collaboration collections available in my city.  I was blessed to have a mother and grandmother who sewed for a living and passed down the skill to me — comes in handy when I need to shorten or tighten the dresses I buy from Le Chateau, or hem my skinnies from Gap or Garage.  Nonetheless, I may have a lot of problems being as petite as I am, but I love the journeys it takes me on when shopping and travelling!

Growing up, I listened to the rap and hip-hop music my older brother would blast on the computer while playing games.  I’d listen  and watch my dad (who also taught me how to sing) sing Kenny Rogers’, “Through the Years,” “Unchained Melody,” by the Righteous Brothers or “All Out of Love,” by Air Supply on the popular Magic Mic karaoke system.  I grew up fangirling on the Spice Girls, N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and belting out their songs running around the house and throwing mini concerts for an imaginary audience in the basement.   The first song I ever performed in front of an audience was Whitney Houston’s, “The Greatest Love of All”.  Music is a big part of my life and I think it was one of the foundations to how I look and feel today.

My mom loved to put me in dresses and everything bedazzled — not to mention she loved my hair than most, which lead to a horrendous haircut experience in my childhood!  I remember sifting through old photo albums and seeing my mom dressed like I’ve never seen her dress growing up.   She wore bellbottom denim, snug-fitting blouses and had the most beautiful hourglass physique.   I can see now that as her little girl, she wanted me to follow in her fashionista ways.   We never really did agree when it came to which kind of clothing I should wear, but she never failed to tell me how beautiful I was inside and out.

When it comes to fashion and style, I get my inspiration from everywhere.  I am a professional in the healthcare setting with a sense of fashion for the office, but I’m also a social butterfly and love to get dolled up for nights out on the town.  I love to be comfy and lazy — “sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on” as Drake would say — but I still put on a bit of foundation and concealer even when running a quick grocery store errand.  I absolutely love street styles from all over the world and is definitely a reason for when I travel to certain places.   I’m always looking to try new looks and put together outfits I never thought possible.   I would die without color in my life but opt for the classic black when necessary. I’m not afraid to own what I’ve got — from a $5 tee to a $500 purse — money doesn’t play a part in my eyes.  I personally believe that if you are confident in your own skin, your confidence will shine through no matter what article of clothing you’ve got on.  Head held high and heels even higher, I just smile, walk on by and think to myself, “Damn, I look good.”


5 thoughts on “All of Me

  1. I’m petite like you are, and I totally have the same perks and shortcomings when looking for items in store 🙂

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