Travel Diary

Update:  February, 2015

I have been uploading most of my travel videos on my YouTube account.  View them here!

My first airplane ride happened when I was 15 years old for a music trip to Ontario.  It was only for a few days but I was excited as hell.  Not only was it my first ever plane ride but it was also with a bunch of my really good friends from school.  I still remember being in my seat, the plane speeding up for take-off, and wondering where else in the world I should go.

That’s what started my ongoing wanderlust.  Being only 23, I can say I’ve been to a fair amount of places in North America and outside of it:


L-R (all photos taken from Google):  Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Banff National Park (Alberta), Vancouver.  Minneapolis, South Dakota, Seattle and Chicago.

When I was only 2 years old, my parents took myself and my older brother (who was about 5 at that time) on a huge American road trip with our hippie blinds-on-the-windows van.  According to the photo albums my mom put together, we went to California (L.A., San Francisco, Disneyland), Florida, Oregon, Colorado and a couple of other states.  It was so neat to see all the photos but, sadly, I don’t remember anything because I was so young.  I wish I could add those places to my list but I just don’t think that they cut it.

Outside of North America, I’ve been blessed with the experience of seeing beautiful Spain – Madrid and Barcelona.  It was a plus that my Aunt (mom’s sister) lives there so my cousins were able to take us to the most beautiful tourist spots in town.


 L-R (all photos taken from Google):  Gran Via (shopping district in Madrid), Plaza Mayor (Madrid), Sagrada Familia (Barcelona) and Parc Güell (Barcelona).

 Just recently, in 2012, I finally went to Philippines.  It was my first time and my parents’ first time back in 33 years since they moved to Canada.  It was the biggest culture shock to all of us.  I can say with confidence that Manila is just NOT for me.  I was so happy to have spent a couple of days in Baguio and 4 days in Boracay during my stay, which were the best parts of my trip.

I could post 200 more photos from my trip but it’d take me days as it seems I just love every photo and would take me forever to write out the stories to every one of them.

I’m still young and I have so much more to see on my list.   Paris, Amsterdam, London, Greece, Italy, Maldives, Bora Bora, Tahiti, Africa, the list goes on and on!

I’ve got a lot to learn still and a lot to see.  As hard as it is being on my own right now, I know my feet will always find a way to get me around the world.

Stay tuned for more of my travels 🙂


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