2015: South Beach, Miami, Florida, April 2015

April 27 – May 3, 2015

Day/Night #1:  Mansion Nightclub.  Christina and I arrived around 8:30 PM after an almost 10-hour travel time from Edmonton (so exhausting), but we busted our butts and enjoyed our first night out in lively South Beach at Mansion!  First night and we got VIP and open bar, why not 😉

Day #2:  Gloomy day!  It was gloomy for the next two days but we made the best of what it was! Cuban breakfast at Havana 1957 in Espanola Way.  Shopped and walked around Lincoln Road Mall and taking in all of what is South Beach!  Finally got my macaron fix from Laduree Bakery – some of the best tasting macarons I’ve ever had and, by far, the cutest little French bakery I’ve ever seen.  Shopping and sightseeing took up most of our day.  We spent our second night at IVY Nightclub, in hopes to see Nas live, but under a few circumstances that evening…..let’s just say, you had to be there. lol.

Day #3:  After an incredibly wild night (lol, probably one of the wildest I’ve had), we decided to take the cab into the city to Dolphin Mall, which is one of Miami’s outlet malls.   Had some brunch at good ol’ Johnny Rockets!  I forgot how juicy their burgers are.  Coming into Dolphin Mall, I knew I HAD to check out Neiman Marcus Last Call, Bloomingdale’s Outlet and Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth.  Seeing that none of these stores are anywhere near home, I figured those would be my first stops.  I ended up buying my first Rebecca Minkoff cross body bag!  I am in LOVE with it and wish it was something I could use on a daily basis 😉 (photo to come!)

Spent most of the day at the mall, headed back to the condo, and got ready for Mangos Tropical Cafe –  Loved the live music and all of the sexy salsa dancing.  This was definitely one of my favorite nights of the week 😉

Day #4:  Survived yet very late night (and morning) out, lol.  Decided to hit the beach for the first time during the trip, despite how gloomy it was -_-  We had brunch at some restaurant/bar where I ordered a ceviche and it tasted delicious!  Sucks I can’t remember the name of the place.  Trust me, we were all SO hungover on this day, lol.  We soldiered another night yet again, at LIV Nightclub at the gorgeous Fontainebleau Hotel.  It really sucked that the promoter was a flake that night.  Sure, we got picked up in a stretch limo and had open bar for a couple of hours, but the bottle and tables he said we would have, didn’t happen.  LIV was a very nice club and you can sense the kind of crowds that go there – An older crowd that definitely had money to blow on bottles.   It was a bit of a write-off for me. We ended up leaving the club around 1 AM, walked down Collins Avenue and found a late night restaurant that was open to eat at.

Day #5:  OUR FIRST SUNNY DAY OF THE WEEK!!  Hit the beach early in the morning to finally soak up the Miami sunshine we came for.  Around noon, we walked over to the SLS Hotel where we had a daybed booked at Hyde Beach Club.  If you ever want to book a daybed or cabana at Hyde – which, by the way, is a MUST when you visit South Beach, contact Tania Guevara (VIP Host).  She is absolutely amazing and accommodated us in the best way.  Not to mention, gave us an extremely good price for the daybed.   This day was one of my favourites.  The beach club was extremely fun, met so many cool people, and loved that we had our own daybed and was being catered to beautifully by our gorgeous waitress, Lisa, and handsome busser 😉  It was an amazing day spent out in the sunshine.  However, I learned later that evening when getting back to the condo, that sunshine + day drinking = very drunk later on, lol.  Christina and I felt pretty sick that night and decided to stay in while the other girls hit up Mynt.

Day #6:  Our last full day in South Beach.  Thank goodness it was another sunny day!  Did some last minute shopping on Lincoln Road and Collins Avenue.  I actually saw the DASH store!  Keeping Up With the Kardashians is my guilty pleasure so it felt pretty cool.  I think I even saw one of their employees there that’s also been on the show, lol.  Christina and I saw some cool architecture and decided to be tourists and take photos.   We ended our last night at The Clevelander where we enjoyed some delicious food – crab legs! – and was surrounded by a great crowd for the Pacquiao and Mayweather fight.  The apparent ‘Fight of the Century’, but too bad Pacman lost 😦  Good last night in Miami.

Didn’t sleep at all as we got home pretty late and had to do some last minute packing and left for the airport about an hour after getting home.

Let’s just say, South Beach was amazing.  Despite the first three days of rain and gloom, the vibe was just something you need to be around.  I will definitely be back. 


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