Courtesy of Google Images

Like most people suffering from wanderlust, I would love to see the world.  At least, the most beautiful breath-taking places in the world.  I’m a big city, downtown-living kinda girl who loves being at the beach and soaking up the sun, or going on hikes up a mountain and getting an amazing view of a city.  I’m a lover of sight seeing, especially with architecture and fountains!

Of all the places I’ve been, I’d go back to Chicago and Spain in a heartbeat.  However, I’d definitely loooove to visit these places as well:






Harrah's_Casino,_New_OrleansNew Orleans

Puerto-Rico-City-571x322Puerto Rico

Paradise-Island_Hotel-Atlantis_BahamasAtlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas



I could go on and on and on but I’m sure it’d take me hours to go through the map.  These are the main places I’d like to have seen before… I turn 35.  I’m giving myself 10 years!  Sounds doable..

For now, I’ll keep on wishing, working and planning!


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