2015: The Bahamas, February 2015

The Bahamas, February 19-26, 2015

Our highlight reel 🙂

Blog post and photo galleries here!

All videos were taken with my phone, HTC One.

This is basically our resort.  We stayed at Memories Grand Bahama Beach & Casino – I definitely recommend this resort.  We weren’t vacationing to party hard but more so to relax and experience and see new things and meet new people.  This resort allowed us to do all of that and much more!

At the resort, the staff would put together a show on their outdoor stage nightly.  They’d have different themes and would include everyone from adults to kids.  This show was a ‘Culture Show’ where they showcased many different cultures in the form of dance.  These staff members are pretty darn talented too!

This was a random parade through the resort one morning.  Who doesn’t love to start their morning this way!?

Everyone meet Big Daddy Brown!  He made me my first conch salad and it tasted absolutely delicious.  Conch is basically a large sea snail (if you check out my gallery, you’ll find some photos of it!) that is an island favourite.  It’s also a known aphrodisiac 😉  The salad is basically the raw conch, peppers, tomatoes, onions and a splash of lime juice.  TASTY!

Our chef entertaining us at Nagano Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant at our resort.  The second video is Ray showing off his multi-tasking skills – taking a video with his GoPro in one hand and his iPhone in the other, lol.

A few videos taken during our East End Cave Tour.  We were a little disappointed as we didn’t consider these as ‘caves’.  We thought we’d be going in way deeper and more underground.  Oh well!

After the cave tour we were able to visit Gold Rock Beach, where parts of the movie franchise, The Pirates of the Caribbean, were filmed!  One of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever been to.

Dinner at Pier One Restaurant.  This is the only restaurant we went to that was off the resort.  The only reason we went here was because we met a couple who told us that they feed the sharks at 7, 8 and 9 pm daily here.  The restaurant is located right on the shore with an overhang outside where people can look over and see the sharks swimming around under them, waiting to be fed!  You can buy a bucket of fish ($10) and feed them yourselves, too.  We were all a little disappointed because we all envisioned the restaurant in a very different way – we thought we’d be much closer to the sharks.

These were taken at the Smith’s Point Fish Fry.  This was basically one big community barbecue, only the main feature food was fish!  I did a bit of reading before going out to this and learned that the red snapper fish is the meal to get – and Yes, it definitely was.  It was cooked soooooo good.  A lot of locals and tourists come together to mingle, eat and dance the night away.  Such a good vibe that night!  The second video shows a local conch chef showing people how he takes it out of its shell and cuts it up … pretty cool.

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